What Wills are valid in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania law only acknowledges wills that meet certain requirements. You may have the mistaken belief that anything you could work as a will. But, in reality, certain rules must be followed to ensure your will is valid. What are oral and written wills? The...

Family disputes the will of Prince’s heir

One of the primary concerns that people in Pittsburgh have regarding estate planning is that as settlors age, the effects of advancing can often hinder the judgment (and thus open them up to being influenced by potential looking to maximize their interests in their...

When or why you should review your Will

Creating Wills and other estate planning documents may feel a bit onerous for many people in Pennsylvania. Once an estate plan is in place, however, many people feel very good about having prepared a plan and then assume that they do not have to think about these...

The grounds on which Wills can be contested

Why might Pennsylvania residents contest a Will? When a loved one passes away, whether the death was sudden or the result of a long illness, there may be a strain on the family. The review of the decedent's Will may add another layer to the emotional turmoil if family...

What happens if someone dies without a will?

When Pennsylvania residents die without wills identifying their beneficiaries and the division of their assets, their property is going to pass through intestate succession to their heirs according to state law. What this means is that if people fail to make wills and...

Estate Planning and Pets

When doing estate planning and preparing your Will, you may want to consider your pet.  Who will take care of your pet after you pass away?  Pets are often an important part of the family, or may even be your only family.  If you have no family members or friends who...

How Does Certain Property Pass After Death?

Last Wills and Testaments pass property to heirs after the death of the Testators, the people who signed them. However, there are other ways to pass property outside of Last Wills and Testaments, such as jointly-titled property, payable on death accounts and...


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