Fulfilling the role of an executor

If someone has approached you about being an executor for an estate, you may want some time to consider your responsibilities. Overseeing the closure of someone's estate can take time and requires careful adherence to specified legal documents. Knowing some of the...

How do you select your beneficiaries?

When you create your estate plan, you are doing so in large part for your beneficiaries. Beneficiaries are the individuals who will inherit your assets after your death. These assets can pass pursuant to your Last Will and Testament and also by joint ownership or...

Which estate planning myths are not true?

You may not be surprised to hear that a lot of Americans do not have an estate plan. Despite the importance of an estate plan to the future of you and your family, you may not think that you need one. According to U.S. News, there are some myths that you should avoid...

When can you contest a will?

If you disagree with the contents of a loved one's will, then you might wonder if there is anything you can do about it. In Pennsylvania, you can contest the will in certain cases. But not just everyone can contest a will for any old reason. You must fulfill several...


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