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Have You Written Your Will Yet?

You may not have taken steps to write your will.  There are many reasons that people choose to delay taking this major step.  However, now may be the time to stop making excuses and move ahead with writing a will.

At Sikov and Love, P.A., we’re a dedicated group of attorneys who are here for our clients across Pittsburgh. We provide experienced and trusted estate planning and elder law services for people of all backgrounds. If you’re not sure if now is the time to begin your will, we’re here to tell you that now is the time.

Why Now Is The Right Time For Your Will

If you think about it, a will isn’t about you. It’s about providing guidance and care to your family after you’ve gone. Maybe you were waiting to do it at the right time:

  • After your child is born
  • After your kid’s graduate
  • After you get married
  • After you get divorced
  • After you get that promotion
  • After you changed careers

All of those “afters” are delaying you from taking a vital step right now. All those right moments will be too late if something unexpected happens. That’s why you should start as soon as you can.

Your Will Is Only One Piece Of The Puzzle

An estate plan is a complex set of documents, and a will is one major component. If you pass without a will – or any form of an estate plan – the state will determine how to distribute your assets and who will handle your final affairs. Your intentions will not be expressed, and your family will feel a great deal of stress.

We Will Be Your Guides

We care about the people we work with because they’re our neighbors. We take incredible pride in serving the people of Pittsburgh and are happy to provide you with the information that you need to write a will that reflects who you are and who your family is.

Contact our office today to get started at 412-567-1236 or send us an email.