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Maximizing Veterans Administration Benefits

Many veterans are not aware of Veterans Administration (VA) benefits that may be available to them or of their possible eligibility for such benefits. An experienced elder law attorney can help you plan for tomorrow so that you may become eligible for these benefits.

At Sikov and Love, P.A., we provide legal advice to veterans and the elderly concerning veterans benefits. Carol Sikov Gross, Esquire, is a VA benefits counselor. Our attorneys have been helping clients reach their long-term goals through careful planning, appeals and elder law services throughout western Pennsylvania.

If you have questions regarding Veterans Administration benefits, lawyers at our firm can help you. Contact our elder law attorneys for answers to your questions about Veterans Administration policies and procedures.

We are dedicated to finding a long-term care solution that meets the needs of you and your family. Our attorneys will work one-on-one with you to develop a benefit and asset protection strategy for you.

Skilled Handling of Veterans Administration Benefits

In order to obtain veterans’ benefits, you must have a low income and high medical costs. There is also a maximum amount of assets you may be allowed to retain This maximum amount does not include your home, car, cemetery plots or pre-paid funeral.

Through careful planning, our attorneys will work with you to help you become eligible to apply for VA benefits. For example, we could develop a family care agreement to increase your medical expenses in relation to your income. This could help you to become eligible for benefits without putting your personal assets at risk.

Contact an Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, VA Benefit Planning Lawyer

We understand that your situation is unique, and we will work with you to develop a plan suited to your specific situation. If you have questions about VA benefit planning, the attorneys at our firm can help you. Contact our elder law lawyers to discuss your legal options.