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The Power of Irrevocable Burial Trusts

Are you considering setting up an irrevocable burial trust? Are you looking for an attorney to help you understand your legal options and look out for your interests?

Irrevocable burials trusts are one tool to help you plan for the future. Our attorneys can help you weigh the benefits of all types of estate planning tools and work with you to select a plan that works for you.

What Is an Irrevocable Burial Trust?

While the name sounds complicated, an irrevocable burial trust is simply a way to pre-pay for your funeral. This can be accomplished by going to the funeral home or a bank and setting up a special account that can only be accessed by the funeral home of your choice following death. You can also obtain a life insurance policy with the funeral home named as the primary beneficiary.

At Sikov and Love, P.A., our skilled and knowledgeable elder law attorneys can answer your questions and respond to your concerns about irrevocable burial trusts. Since 1991, our firm has set the standard for quality elder law services throughout western Pennsylvania.

We can advise you about creating an irrevocable burial trust that meets your needs. Contact our Pittsburgh elder law lawyers to set up a consultation.

Why Do I Need an Attorney for This?

It important to speak with a qualified elder law attorney about your future plans and needs. Every county in Pennsylvania has a different maximum amount that one is allowed to put into such an account before it has an effect on Medicaid eligibility. We can help you develop a financial strategy that meets your personal goals and protects possible eligibility for medical assistance.

Contact an Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Elder Law Lawyer

If you have questions about an Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, prepaid irrevocable funeral trust, attorneys at our firm can help you. Call 412-567-1236 or email your questions.