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What are some issues to avoid when choosing an executor?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2023 | Estate Planning | 0 comments

Crafting a will may seem like an intimidating part of estate planning, especially when it comes to choosing an executor. You want to choose the best executor possible, so you need to find a person who understands you and your wishes.

This choice can have several drawbacks if you do not think seriously about who is best suited to handle your financial affairs and deal with your heirs and creditors.  Choosing the wrong person could lead to someone who would fail to pay your debts or properly distribute your heirlooms to your beneficiaries.

Picking the first option

According to Kiplinger, you may feel pressured to pick the person closest to you for the executor role without asking yourself any serious questions. However, this first choice may not have some of the right qualifications, such as a dependable personality and a history of responsible use of money.

Finding an executor who is younger than you could also help you plan for the future. Choosing an older friend or family member may lead to added complications if they pass away first.

Ignoring warning signs

An executor who cannot get along with your beneficiaries can ultimately cause issues when it is time to administer your estate. It may be hard for the executor to communicate with the heirs if the family does not get along.  A bias toward one beneficiary or an inability to calmly discuss and find solutions to problems will make it hard for the executor to stay respectful and neutral. In these situations, a good estate attorney can be very helpful to the executor.

If you notice someone ignoring deadlines and failing to turn in important documents in other areas of their life, this person may not fit the role of executor. A sense of responsibility and knowledge about how to interact with family members or friends are two traits an executor needs to function well and act in accordance with your final wishes.