Statistics on the prevalence of elder abuse

In addition to reviewing and covering costs associated with long-term care or living in a nursing home, you should go over other issues that affect many older adults, such as elder abuse. Neglect and abuse affect many older adults each year, and taking a look at...

What are the signs of elder abuse?

You expect people who care for the elderly to conduct themselves in the appropriate manner at all times. Sadly, this is not always the case. Some caregivers target vulnerable people for abuse, which can have devastating consequences. That is why you must know the...

What constitutes power of attorney abuse?

An important part of the estate planning process in Pennsylvania is establishing a power of attorney. This legal document gives one person (the "agent") the authority to act for another person (the "principal"). The agent should be a person the principal implicitly...

What is adult neglect?

Older adults often depend on their loved ones or caregivers to help them with daily living tasks, financial matters and other responsibilities that they can no longer handle due to aging or medical conditions. If you take on the care of an elderly individual, you have...



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