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Statistics on the prevalence of elder abuse

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Elder Abuse | 0 comments

In addition to reviewing and covering costs associated with long-term care or living in a nursing home, you should go over other issues that affect many older adults, such as elder abuse. Neglect and abuse affect many older adults each year, and taking a look at statistics on this serious issue could help you identify mistreatment and understand the prevalence of abuse.

When some people think about elder abuse, they envision a nursing home resident suffering due to exploitation, neglect or physical abuse. However, there are other types of abuse, and these incidents frequently occur outside of nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Data on elder abuse

According to the United States Department of Justice, no less than one out of every 10 older adults faces some type of elder abuse each year, and some deal with multiple forms of abuse. Additionally, you should note that more than 90% of older adults live in the community, which means that a majority of elder abuse cases take place in community settings.

Sometimes, older adults face abuse at the hands of family members, while others face mistreatment by caregivers.

Examples of elder abuse

From financial exploitation and caregiver neglect to psychological abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse, mistreatment affects older adults in many different ways. If subjected to abuse, you could face additional hardships, such as physical injuries, depression, a worsened health condition, financial challenges and a lower quality of life.

If you have dealt with elder abuse firsthand, or someone in your family is facing these hardships, you need to explore your options and address the mistreatment at once.