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Alzheimer’s disease may lead to a guardianship

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2017 | Guardianships | 0 comments

Guardianships may be necessary for individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Many people in Pennsylvania probably know someone who has suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. It is a terrible disease that can, essentially, ruin a person’s life. This disease, unlike many others, attacks the brain and is almost impossible to treat.

When people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, they will experience the progressive deterioration of their mental abilities, and most importantly, their memories. The damage can become so extensive that, over time, people with Alzheimer’s disease can forget important things about people close to them – even their names.

There can be a wide variety of symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. As the disease attacks a person’s memory, you may notice the person repeating statements, forgetting events and conversations and even getting lost in places with which they are familiar. When these individuals are able to participate in conversations, they may have trouble finding the right words to express their thoughts. These individuals may also begin to experience problems with reasoning or thinking, making it hard to complete even simple tasks or manage their finances and daily hygiene.

As a result, it can be easy to see how a person with Alzheimer’s disease may eventually need to have a guardian appointed to manage their affairs. Pennsylvania residents who have Alzheimer’s disease can become vulnerable to mismanagement of their finances, which is where a guardian of the estate can help. At its worst, Alzheimer’s disease can lead to dementia. Having a guardian appointed can help these individuals, who may no longer be able to make competent financial or medical decisions. Our law firm can help with guardianships of loved ones, if necessary.