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We help to select guardians and with other guardianship needs

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2017 | Guardianships | 0 comments

Regarding guardianships, a previous post on this blog discussed the responsibilities that a person who serves as the guardian of a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, resident has when caring for and making important medical and placement decisions on behalf of an incapacitated loved one.

Given the great responsibility any guardian in Pennsylvania must exercise, one of the most pressing questions for family members who are concerned about an elderly loved one with dementia or an adult child with special needs is who best would serve at the person’s guardian.

When we work on guardianships, our law office helps families answer these important questions. While the law in Pennsylvania allows a wide range of people to serve as guardian, there are many practical questions involved in this decision. Our office has learned, through its experience, whether a given person or corporate fiduciary would work as guardian in a particular family situation. Our know-how may help families avoid internal conflict over the guardianship or other related issues so that they can focus on helping their loved one.

In addition to helping families choose a guardian, we offer other services, such as preparing and filing the necessary paperwork, presenting the appropriate evidence in the guardianship hearing and educating the guardian about his or her responsibilities. We also represent family members who may have concerns about how a guardianship is being handled or who even have outright objections to the guardianship or the proposed guardian.

Families who are caring for an elderly incapacitated adult or for a special needs child have legal options, including the option of filing guardianships. However, it is usually advisable to pursue such options with the help of an experienced Pennsylvania guardianship attorney.