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How to select a nursing home

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | Long Term Care and Nursing Home Planning | 0 comments

When people realize their mother or father needs to be in a nursing home, they want this parent to have the best care possible. There are many things people have to consider as they look at nursing homes. 

When people first start their nursing home search, they may start online. The American Association of Retired Persons says it is a good idea to look at the online reviews for different nursing homes so people can start narrowing down their options. People should generally look beyond the star ratings. Some nursing homes might have a high average rating but get lower ratings for specific details, such as the quality of care the residents receive. Reading the fine details of these reviews can help people eliminate nursing homes that may not be all they promise to be. Once people have a list of potential facilities, they should typically pay an in-person visit. 

It is a good idea to pick a nursing home in a convenient location. According to the National Council for Aging Care, people should try to find a facility that is relatively close to a family member. Additionally, nursing homes come in many sizes. People may want to look at both small and large facilities to decide which environment will be best for their parents. It may be a good idea to consider how much independence a facility offers the residents. A parent may not be able to live alone but he or she may still like to decide which activities to do and what to eat for dinner. People might want to choose a nursing home where their parents can make decisions about their daily activities. 

One of the most important aspects of a nursing home is the staff. It is a good idea to pick a facility that always has a licensed nurse on the premises. Additionally, people should ask how long the staff members have worked at the facility. If the nursing home is always hiring new staff, people may want to look elsewhere. High turnover rates may indicate problems with patient care or the administration.