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What are some alternative long-term care options?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Long Term Care and Nursing Home Planning | 0 comments

One of the benefits of recent medical advancements is that Americans are living longer than ever in Pittsburgh and across the nation. However, this longevity also comes with extra responsibility. It is highly likely that the longer you live, the more you will need assistance with everyday tasks. Most are familiar with the concept of a nursing home, but these can be expensive and not everybody needs all of the care that a nursing home provides. According to, there are several alternative options for long-term care that may be more affordable and accessible then a nursing home. 

Particularly if you are generally well, community-based services may provide the level of assistance you need to continue to function independently. Many are available through the community and are staffed through volunteer networks. These programs may provide services like grocery shopping, meal delivery, friendly visitor programs, and assistance with transportation. 

Another potential option is moving into an accessory dwelling unit. These are commonly known as “mother-in-law apartments.” Depending on the zoning laws where you live, a family member may be able to purchase a property with one of these on-site, or potentially add one on to an existing property. This will allow you to move for extra support in but have your own separate living space. 

Finally, subsidized senior housing may be an option. Senior housing is somewhat similar to assisted living, but is based off of a percentage of your overall income. These groups are good for people who need some living assistance but do not have the money to pay for a traditional assisted living situation.