Plan for long term care while protecting assets

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As Pittsburghers grow older, long term care and nursing home planning are part of the new set of legal issues arising in their lives. These legal issues may also encompass wills and trusts, powers of attorney and health care decisions, which require resolution while individuals still have the cognitive and physical abilities to do so. Even though these issues fall under the term “elder law”, it is not only older people who need to consider these issues; people of virtually any age can benefit from elder law services. In fact, the earlier one engages in long term care and nursing home planning, the better it can be.

Many Pittsburgh residents, like their counterparts throughout the country, may find themselves figuring out how to cover their long term needs, including how to finance nursing home care. Though we try to take care of our loved ones, at times we are unable to provide appropriate care; and a nursing home might be needed. However, nursing homes can be costly, ranging from $9,000 to $10,000 a month, with home care even more expensive.

Lawyers at our firm understand that aging and dealing with aging relatives are emotional matters and handling the legal issues that accompany them can result in even more turmoil. We use our resources and knowledge to help families work through these legal issues by studying their incomes, assets and insurance plans to help figure out a way to finance their long term care while protecting their assets.

We help individuals create long term care and nursing home plans that accommodate their long term care needs and the needs of their families to help protect assets from having to be depleted by paying for such care. For more information, visit our Long Term Care and Nursing Home Planning page.


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