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Identity Theft of Medical Information

On Behalf of | May 31, 2015 | Identity Theft | 0 comments

Identity theft is a growing problem today, especially in the area of medical information. It occurs when someone other than you uses your name or health insurance information to obtain medical care. You need to protect yourself and your medical information.

One possible indication that you may be the victim of medical identity theft would be receiving a bill from an unknown doctor or for medical care you did not have.  Other potential clues might be receiving a denial of coverage due to false information on your medical records, receiving a collection notice on a medical bill you do not owe or receiving a benefit limit notice from your insurance company when you have had little or no medical care.

How can you protect yourself and your medical information? First, keep copies of your health insurance records and cards in a safe place. Next, do not share this information with anyone, particularly over the telephone or internet, unless you know to whom are providing it.  Third, shred old medical paperwork and old health insurance cards.  Do not just throw them away.  Next, be sure to review any medical bills when you receive them to be certain that the bills cover medical care which you or your family member actually received.  If you find any discrepancies, report them immediately to your insurance carrier and your doctor.

Protecting your medical and health insurance information is the best defense against becoming a victim of medical identity theft.  If you have questions or to report possible medical identity theft, contact: Office of Attorney General Health Care Section Helpline at 877-888-4877