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January 2019 Archives

Potential help for grandparents as guardians

In Pennsylvania and across the United States, drug addiction and abuse continue to plague many families. The impacts of this epidemic seem to have no end and among them include the need for children to be cared for by someone other than their own parents. In some situations, it is a grandparent who steps up to the plate to take care of a granddaughter or grandson when their own adult son or daughter is not able to do so.

How to assess a nursing home

When a family in Pennsylvania realizes that a parent, grandparent or other aging relative may be in need of care beyond what they can provide at home, many may consider moving their loved one into a nursing home. This decision is rarely made easily, especially with the knowledge that some facilities may not provide the level of care they desire.

Late singer's estate case off to tumultuous start

Many in Pittsburgh have likely heard of how costly a process probating an estate can be. That can be true, depending on the amount of time that is required to complete it. Court costs and attorneys fees can add up over time, and those expenses are typically paid from the estate's assets. Yet there are steps that one can take to ensure that their estates are not delayed when going through probate (one might even be able to plan to avoid the process altogether). It is for this reason why so many estate planning experts encourage people to take up the process early on in their lives. 

Medicaid trusts and other long-term care planning strategies

People in Pennsylvania who are evaluating their estate plans should give careful thought to how they might choose to fund any long-term care needs they may experience in the future. If no long-term care insurance policy has been maintained and there is not enough value in a person's estate to ensure proper care for as long as a person may need, Medicaid may be the next option. However, there are some limits to when Medicaid will cover the cost of this type of care.

Are no-contest clauses enforceable?

As you work through your estate plan, your hope is that those you leave behind in Pittsburgh will respect your decisions. Yet, making everyone happy (especially when it comes to the matter of an inheritance) can be difficult. Should one of your beneficiaries question the validity of your Will, working through the dispute can be a long, drawn-out process, depriving others of what you have earmarked for them an potentially eating away at your estate's funds. Some might say that it is best, then, to include a no-contest to deter anyone from challenging your will. Could such a move work? 

Determining incapacity in Pennsylvania

No one in Pittsburgh wants to lose their decision-making ability and become incapacitated. Typically, guardianships are established at the request of concerned parties who feel that a loved one has become incapable of caring for themselves. The trouble is that "incapacity" may seem like such a subjective term, with some defining it as any limitation that makes conducting seemingly mundane tasks more difficult to a complete inability to function without assistance.

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